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  1. May is month for change. The weather is getting warmer, gardens are full of colour and buds ready to make an appearance. For us this month though the biggest change is the departure of our Garden Centre Manager, Nicola. She is off to start a new life in North Devon with her husband Colin. After 5 and a half years on site she has become a part of the furniture and has certainly made an impression (take that as you will :)). We do however wish them both every luck in the future. 

  2. Well we've been positively spoilt lately with the weather, but in true British style that is set to change this week. 

    Make sure you are ready for the oncoming cold snap as your tender, young bedding plants may not like the change in temperature. You can do various things to help protect your Spring/Summer colour. It's all about location, if your plants are close to the house and fairly sheltered then they shouldn't need additional warmth. If they are a little more exposed or incredibly tender then investing in some frost fleece will help, we sell it off the roll by the metre for just 99p a metre or you can buy it pre-packed at £12.99 for 24 metres, both options are 1 metre wide. If  you can move your plants into your greenhouse then that would be the easier option and save you heading into the chill in the evenings to cover them.